Cavias "Van Barnim" - est. 1989

Merry Christmas

Some infos for the genetic interested ones: The gene, responsible for the california markings is a dominant gene. It is not found on any known locus, so it seems to be the mask-factor K. K develops markings even in ee - cavies. It is fantastic. So this is a little x-mas present on information for you. The pictured california has the following genetic information: aa bb cdcd ee PP Kk.


But there is more to discover. So the homozygous californias have a different phenotype from the heterozygous. This is so much fun to discover these new things.

With this news - we wish you a very merry and pleasant christmas good luck and success for 2014.
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Cavies since 1989

- dunkeläugige Himalayas -
endlich in Europa. Erstimport aus Peru 2012

- dark eyed Himalayans -
in Europe since 2012
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